When you enter a bill in QuickBooks, you need to pay it using the Pay Bills option. If you use Write Checks with an existing bill, the two transactions will not be linked and the bill will remain in unpaid status.


Not sure if you should write a check or pay a bill? Remember these guidelines when deciding between the two options:

Use Write Checks

  • when you settle bills as they arrive.
  • if you do not need reports showing how much you owe.

Use Pay Bills

  • if you recorded your payables through Enter Bills..
  • when you prefer to pay bills at once, for example, on the same day each month.
  • if you want to see reports showing how much you owe.

New! To prevent accidentally creating a check for open bills, QuickBooks 2019 promptly guides you to the correct workflow. If you try to write a check when you have existing bills, the Check for Bills window appears with a list of open bills for the vendor and the Go to Pay Bills option.

If you've unintentionally created a check to pay for an existing bill, choose one of the following solutions.