When you download or import a .QBO file from a supported financial institution through Web Connect, you may get any of the following messages:

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  • QuickBooks found an error. We can’t read the file {Your financial institution} sent.
  • "An error occurred while processing your online banking data." -OR- "Your data was not imported in to QuickBooks."
  • "QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this download."
  • "QuickBooks prompts you to select a new or existing account when you try to download"
  • No Error

Web Connect import issues may occur if:

  • The qbo file provided by your financial institution contains an invalid information or formatting. QuickBooks cannot read the data from your Web connect (.qbo) file.
  • Your financial institution does not support import into QuickBooks (fi.intuit.com).
  • You're trying to import a .qbo file into an older version of QuickBooks that no longer supports the online banking service.
  • Your import file is not the correct file type. Note that QuickBooks only accepts a .QBO file, not a .QFX, .IIF, .CSV, etc.
  • You're not on a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Here are a couple of solutions you can follow to fix your web connect issue. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all of them. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.



  1. Always back up the QuickBooks company file prior to any import.
  2. Ensure that you're using a supported version of QuickBooks and Internet Explorer to prevent any issues when importing web connect files.
  3. As a standard troubleshooting step, switch to Register (Classic) mode to perform the same action (applies to US only). If you get the same results, proceed to Solution 1.
    1. From the Edit menu, go to Preferences.
    2. On the left pane, choose Checking then go to the Company Preferences tab.
    3. In the Bank Feeds section, select the Classic Mode (Register Mode) radio button.
    4. Select OK.

Unable to download web connect transactions for an existing account? If you’re trying to download web connect transactions from your bank and QuickBooks doesn't seem to recognize the bank account already set up, and prompts you to select a new or existing account, try to deactivate and reconnect Bank Feeds.


Identity Confirmation Request

Important: This may be required after installing a new version of QuickBooks or an update to your current version.

Most banks require identity confirmation prior to accessing data from PFM (Personal Financial Management) software. To satisfy the bank security requirement, log in to your account outside of QuickBooks and check your Message Center or Notifications inbox for details. If needed, contact your bank directly for instructions.