When you activate QuickBooks Desktop, a window comes up with the message “Set up your Intuit Account”. You can log in to your Intuit account when activating QuickBooks Desktop to link your existing account information directly.

If you choose not to create the account you will continue to see the message when opening QuickBooks. If you click Next without filling in the required information, it will show empty or incomplete fields highlighted in red. The activation process cannot be continued without filling in this information.

Activate QuickBooks Desktop with your Intuit Account

The Intuit Account login can be used to log in to multiple websites. For more information on this, and to see if you have one, see: Manage your Intuit Account online. The activation screen in QuickBooks Desktop gives you the option to either activate using an existing Intuit Account or create a new one. If you do not have an existing Intuit Account, enter the required information in the Create Your User ID section to begin the activation process.
Note: On the registration form that follows, the phone number and ZIP code are pre-filled based on the company file you have open. If you are in a company file that is not your own, you will need to change it.

If you have an existing Intuit Account:

  • Enter the user ID and password to begin the activation process.
  • Retrieve the forgotten username and/or password.