QuickBooks Desktop requires Windows Regional Settings to be set to United States locale (if you are using a US version of QuickBooks) or the Canada locale (if you are using a Canadian version of QuickBooks) and the United Kingdom locale (if you are using a UK version of QuickBooks). Otherwise, errors such as unable to open QuickBooks (loading screen flashes and goes away) as well as QuickBooks has stopped working/responding may occur. Windows Regional Settings has also been known to cause the following error in Intuit Statement Writer, There was an error in launching QuickBooks Statement Writer and with the Fixed Asset Manager, not pulling all assets across and giving a message "out of memory".

QuickBooks Desktop requires an English (United States) regional setting if using a US version of QuickBooks or English (Canada) regional setting if using a Canadian version of QuickBooks or again English (United Kingdom) regional setting if using a UK version of QuickBooks in order to function properly as defined by each version's system requirements. You will need to see if your computer is running a non English (United States, Canada and UK) regional setting.

QuickBooks Desktop also requires that all computers used to access a single company file be set to the same regional settings. Different regional settings have different date formats, which can cause errors in QuickBooks. For example, if a user on a computer set to US regional settings enters a closing date of September 12, 2017 (09/12/2017), this would be interpreted as December 9th, 2017 for a user on a computer set to Canada or UK regional settings.

If you do not wish to change your language settings to English (United States or Canada), see if QuickBooks Online Global would be a right fit for you and if Intuit supports the country of your choice of language.

Change the language of your Windows computer

  1. Verify your current Regional Settings.
    1. Check your system tray if there is a Windows language bar.
    2. If you see codes for other languages like EN and JP, you have to change your regional settings to English (United States/Canada).
      Quick tip: If you can't see any letters, the Regional Setting is most likely set to English (United States/Canada).

      User-added image

  2. Change your Regional Settings to US/Canada
    1. On your keyboard, press Windows+R to open the run command.
    2. Type in control panel and click OK.
    3. Choose Clock, Language and Region and click Change Location.
    4. In Home Location (Current Location in Windows7 and Vista), select United States/Canada.
    5. Click Administrative tab.
    6. Click Change System Locale and select English (United States/Canada).
    7. Click Apply and OK
    8. Reboot the computer.