QuickBooks Desktop stores data pertaining to Customers:Jobs, Vendors, Employees, Other Names, Accounts and Items, as well as other things in lists. A particular Customer,  or Employee or Item is an entry in a list.

Your lists can become damaged. The damage can often be repaired by re-sorting which puts a list back to its default order. If you have manually changed the order of a list, re-sorting it will also undo your changes.

You need to re-sort your lists when:

  • You see an odd behavior in your list, for example, a new entry appears at the top of the list
  • A knowledge base article suggests that you re-sort your lists
  • A support agent suggests that you re-sort your lists

Generally, you should re-sort the following:

  • The Master Name list (a combination of Customers:Jobs, Vendors, Employees and Other Names)
  • The Chart of Accounts (Account list)
  • The Item list

How to re-sort your lists

Note: Re-sort can be performed by any QuickBooks user. You also need to close and re-open your company file after completing the steps for re-sorting a specific list.

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