Bank Feeds is the new Online Banking feature in QuickBooks Desktop. The visual aspect of the online banking feature has been changed significantly, providing more room to work in and using color to highlight different transactions and features.

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What's new for Bank Feeds?

  • Save time! Easier setup of your Online Accounts (just 4 easy steps from start to finish).
  • Ease of use! Fonts are easier to read and use of color makes matching transactions easier than ever.
  • Rules are improved! You can now set rules to rename and classify transactions to accounts.

In QuickBooks 2014 and later, there is no more Side by Side mode (QuickBooks 2009-2013). Instead you can choose between Express Mode (aka Bank Feeds which is new for 2014) or Classic Mode (Register Mode from 2008 and below).

NOTE: All functionalities from Side-by-Side mode is present in Express Mode. Express Mode is just easier to use and more robust!

Set up an account for Bank Feeds

  1. From the QuickBooks Banking menu, select Bank Feeds then click Setup Up Bank Feed for an Account.
  2. Click Yes to the message to close all windows.
  3. Type in the name of your bank, for example, Wells Fargo Bank, then click the name of your bank.
  4. Depending on your bank, you may be presented with options for Direct Connect/Web Connect or Web Connect Only. 
  5. On the Link your Accounts screen, you can choose which bank accounts you can add to QuickBooks. For example, if your bank account has a checking and savings account, you can add add just the checking account, but not your savings account.
  6. After your accounts are added, click Close and you are done!

How to use Bank Feeds

When you open the Bank Feeds Center, you will need to tell QuickBooks how to handle the bank transactions.

NOTE: If you are using Web Connect, you will not see a Download Transactions button.

  1. From the QuickBooks Banking menu, select Bank Feeds then click Bank Feeds Center.
  2. In the Bank Accounts section, click your account.

    Direct Connect: Click the Download Transactions button to download transactions directly from your bank. Note that if you have multiple accounts with the same bank you can choose to sync individual or all accounts by clicking the sync button in the upper-right hand corner.

    Web Connect: You will need to manually import your web connect file if you have not already done so by going to the Bank menu, selecting Bank Feeds and clicking Import Web Connect File.

  3. Click the Transaction List button.
  4. A colored bar indicating how many items need your review (orange), changed by rules (red), or auto matched (blue). You can filter your transactions easily using the status, type, and date range filters.
  5. Add or Verify the account on each transaction.
  6. To save time, you can Add/Approve or Ignore transactions in a batch. You can also Use renaming rules to make matching easier.
  7. Once you are finished, you can close the Bank Feeds window.

Preferences for Bank Feeds

You can switch from the Express Mode (2014 and later) to the Classic Mode (formerly Register Mode in 2008 and below). For details, see Switch between banking modes.