You can configure QuickBooks Desktop to email invoices, reports and other transactions using web mail or outlook. Make sure that your Outlook is compatible with your version by checking QuickBooks Desktop system requirements.


  1. Create an Outlook email profile.
    If you already have an Outlook profile, proceed to the next step.
  2. Collect the following information to set up Outlook 2007 and 2003 as your email client.
    Quick tip: You may need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the following information.
    • Username
    • Password
    • Incoming email server address
    • Incoming email server type
    • Outgoing email server address
  3. Set up Outlook in QuickBooks.
    Quick tip: See Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms preferences if Outlook is unavailable in your QuickBooks.
    1. From the QuickBooks Edit menu, choose Preferences and select Send Forms.
    2. Select Outlook and click OK.

Web Mail

Web Mail servers and port settings are determined by ISP. You can use the lists below, but it is highly recommended to verify these information with your ISP before setting up web mail in QuickBooks Desktop.
  1. From the QuickBooks Edit menu, select Preferences and click Send Forms.
  2. Select Web Mail and click Add.
  3. Fill out the Add Email Info and click OK.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
  • QuickBooks Desktop will prompt you to enter your Web Mail password the first time you send an email using this preference.
  • See QuickBooks will not accept my web mail password if you already followed the steps in this KB but QuickBooks Desktop still won't accept your password.
  • For Cox users: The standard SMTP setting of Cox is not to use SSL or login information when sending emails. QuickBooks Desktop prefers SSL connections and requires log in information. Therefore, using port 25 and no SSL connection with SMTP does not work with QuickBooks. The alternative is to use SSL with port 587 or 465.
  • For CableOne users: Use the following credentials since CableOne uses Google servers.
    • Email Address: Your Email
    • Email Provider: Gmail
    • Port: 587 or 465
    • SSL: Yes