This article is part of a series that covers basic information about Bank Feeds in QuickBooks for Windows.

Bank Feeds is the new online banking feature in QuickBooks Deskop that allows you to connect to your financial institution to download transactions and if supported by your financial institution, use online services like vendor payment and online transfers. QuickBooks lets you record (and do) bank and credit card transactions more efficiently so you’ll have more time for your other business needs.

So… what do you need to get started?

  1. Access to the internet.
  2. A banking account at a financial institution that offers services for QuickBooks.

    Currently, there are over 1400 financial institutions (FI) across the US and Canada that offer online banking services in QuickBooks. If your financial institution (FI) bank or credit card company doesn’t offer online banking import or download services for QuickBooks, you can ask your FI to sign up through

Your financial institution takes the lead in controlling what and how information is received by QuickBooks. Before you set up online banking, it is highly recommended that you coordinate with your bank so you’ll know what connection method they support, what the fees are (if any), and what information you need to set up and use the feature. Note that you cannot add online services to a QuickBooks account until you have received all the information required by your FI.

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