Every version of QuickBooks has a corresponding QBDataServiceUserXX that needs specific folder permission in order for QuickBooks to function in a multi-user environment. Multi-user errors can be time-consuming to diagnose and correct. To help investigate and resolve the error, Intuit recommends to use the QuickBooks File Doctor, which analyzes if your computer is properly set up for multi-user mode or not.


  • Ensure the installation directories have the correct permissions. It is highly recommended to read the entire article before performing any steps.
  • If you are running Microsoft Windows Home edition, the security tab may not be available in normal mode. Restart the computer in Safe Mode to complete the steps.
    1. Restart the computer and press F8 until the Advanced Boot window opens.
    2. On the Advanced Boot window, select Safe Mode and press Enter.
  • The QBDataServiceUserXX depends on your version of QuickBooks Desktop.
    Example: QuickBooks Desktop 2018: QBDataServiceUser28, QuickBooks Desktop 2017: QBDataServiceUser27
  • Workstations that have hosting multi-user access enabled can inadvertently go into Alternate Hosting mode and take ownership of a company file. When this happens, other users will not be able to open the file.