Installation numbers (license number, product number or key codes) are required when installing QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale. This article will help you find and validate your installation numbers.

This article is applicable to all locations, but QuickBooks Point of Sale is only available in the US.

Locate your installation numbers

Your installation numbers can be found in one of the following:
  • The original product packaging - The license and product numbers are on a scratch-off sticker located next to the UPC code.
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  • The confirmation email you received when you purchased the product from Intuit.
  • The computer where you originally installed the product.
    1. Start the installation program by inserting the CD into the CD-ROM drive. The installation program should begin automatically.
    2. Select Reinstall.
    3. Write down the numbers that appear in the License and Product Number window and choose Cancel.
  • The fulfillment email you received when the latest version of QuickBooks was launched, if you subscribe to a monthly or annual product subscription (applies to Canada only).

If you cannot locate your installation numbers