Common QuickBooks Desktop online banking setup and connection errors include: OLSU-1011, OLSU-1013, OLSU-1014, OLSU-1016, OL-202, OL-203, OL-205, OL-206, OL-209, OL-221, OL-231, OL-232 and OL-249. OL-301, OL-332, OL-334, OL-392 and OL-393.

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Steps to resolve issues when downloading or importing transactions

We recommend you perform these steps in the order listed, retrying your download after each before moving on to the next step.

Identity Confirmation Request

IMPORTANT: This may be required after installing a new version of QuickBooks or an update to your current version.

Most banks require identity confirmation prior to accessing data from PFM (Personal Financial Management) software. To satisfy the bank security requirement, log in to your account outside of QuickBooks Desktop and check your Message Center or Notifications inbox for details. If needed, contact your bank directly for instructions.