We've been listening to your feedback and have some exciting changes heading your way! We'll be upgrading our QuickBooks Online billing system to make those improvements you've been waiting so patiently for. We will be implementing these changes automatically in waves, so don't worry if your account doesn't change right away - we're working hard to get everyone on the new system as soon as we can.

So, what’s changing?
  • Updated Account Maintenance pages in QuickBooks Online
  • Itemized invoices, with details by subscriptions and by clients
  • Pro-rated charges for clients that are added mid-billing period
  • Pro-rated credits for clients that are removed mid-billing period
  • If you have clients using payroll, you will receive free QuickBooks Online Payroll and Payroll Usage Fees for 6 months
What’s staying the same?
  • All clients under your Wholesale Billing account within QuickBooks Online Accountant will continue to receive QuickBooks Online Payroll for free for an additional 6-months (based on your date of migration to our new billing platform). 
  • Your wholesale clients will be converted with you, so no need to re-add clients or do anything with your existing wholesale clients 
  • Clients who are currently paying for their own subscriptions will continue to do so and may be converted to the new billing system on a different schedule

You might still have questions, so we've gathered some articles to give you more information on the improvements we've made:


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