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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to go through an identity verification to use Bill Pay?

For your security, will ask you a short series of questions from information on the public record to verify your identity, beginning with your name and address. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you use your legal name, and home address (usually the one that appears on your Driver's License). 

How do I allow other admin users to use the Bill Pay feature?

All Administrators (Master and Company) will be able to use the Bill Pay feature. Each administrator will need to go through the identity verification process in order to use the service.

For more details about sharing an account upon setup, visit  Online Bill Pay - Adding a new bank account.
For more details about adding a user to an existing bank account, visit  Online Bill Pay - Adding a new user to a bank account

Why are my first payments taking longer than expected?

When first starting with the Bill Pay service, allow 4 banking days for both bank transfers and mailed checks. After 5 completed payments, payment timing will accelerate (for example, bank transfers under $5,000 will arrive in 2 banking days). For more details, visit Online Bill Pay - Payment Timing

When will my vendor receive my payment?

Depending on the payment type, it could take up to 5 banking days for your vendor to receive the payment. For more details, visit Online Bill Pay - Payment Timing

Is there a daily limit to how much money I can pay this way??

There is no "daily limit" on the amount you are able to pay to your vendor. (Please be aware that your financial institution may have a daily spending limit.) However, payments over $5,000 will take more time to arrive. See Online Bill Pay - Payment Timing for more details on payment timing.

Accountants: Can I set up Bill Pay for my clients?

No. The owner of the bank account and the business must set up the Bill Pay feature. Only Master and Company admins will have access to use this feature. Accountant users will not be able to use the Bill Pay feature for their clients.

What if I am the Accountant and the Master Admin on a client's account?

Due to the dual role of the accountant user in this situation, the accountant user takes priority and will not be able to set up or use the Bill Pay feature for their client's account. If the setup is attempted, it will cause complications for those users who attempt to set up the feature in their own Firm account. If the owner of the company is a Company Admin, they are able to setup and use this feature.

Who do I contact for Bill Pay support?

Bill Pay feature is supported by Intuit. For assistance, please contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care team.

Why do I have to go through a security check?

  1. We take security seriously and want to make sure the right person has access to the bank account. There are two parts to getting verified. Each part takes only a few minutes. Verify your identity We’ll ask you a series of questions about you that only you know the answers to. These questions are based on information pulled from the public record.
  2. Verify you have access to the bank account you’ll be using to transact There are two options to complete this process: You can choose "Instant verification" and enter your online banking account credentials to link your bank to your account, verifying the routing number and bank account number Or, you can choose to enter your bank info manually. In this process, we’ll send a small test deposit to your bank account. Once it arrives, you will verify the amounts in the account. The test deposit will take 1-2 business days to arrive in your bank account and will reference

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