You can allow your accountant to sign in to your company directly. That way, your accountant can make changes at his or her convenience the same as a Company Administrator, and you can both work in your data at the same time. If your accountant no longer works for your company or if access is no longer needed, you also have the option to remove the accountant user from company file.

Inviting or removing an accountant user from a QuickBooks online subscription requires admin rights. Here’s a table showing accountant user tasks that each QBO user can perform:

User Invite accountant Remove accountant
Accountant Yes Yes*
Master Administrator Yes Yes
Company Administrator (non-accountant) Yes Yes

* Accountants from the SAME FIRM can delete other accountant users, however, they cannot delete accountant users from another firm.

To add or invite an accountant user:

  1. Select the Gear icon then Manage users.
  2. In the Accounting Firms section, select the Invite Accountant button.
  3. Enter the accountant’s email address then select Next > Finish.

Your accountant will receive an email invitation with instructions for signing in to your company.

To remove an accountant user:

  1. Select the Gear icon then Manage users.
  2. In the Accounting Firms section, select the accountant row then click Delete.
  3. Select Yes to confirm


  • After inviting an accountant, their status on the Manage Users page will show as Invited until they accept the invitation, once they accept the invitation their status will change to Active.
  • You can have up to two accountant users. Note that adding accountant is free and does not count toward your user limit unless the accountant holds Master Admin rights.
  • Accountants can remove themselves as accountant users as long as they are not the lead accountant. If they are and they try to delete themselves, they will get the message To make this change, go to QuickBooks Online Accountant and assign a new lead for this client.
  •  The Accountants Copy feature in QuickBooks Desktop is not an option in QuickBooks Online since accountant users have full access to the accounting once they sign-in.
  • In the case that the accountant you are attempting to delete is also a Client Lead, you may be prompted with additional requirements for removing the user. The client lead feature is part of improved technical functionality introduced to QuickBooks Online Accountant firms.