Back in December, we made some big changes to your ProAdvisor profile and the Find-a-ProAdvisor experience to make it even easier for you to connect with clients. We've made some updates, and now your clients can see your updated profile both in QuickBooks Online and on the standalone Find-a-ProAdvisor website- just in time for the next wave of new features!

Here's what's new:
  • Clients can see the new fields and social links from the December update no matter where they view it- both on and inside QBO.
  • The Find-a-ProAdvisor directory is now mobile-responsive so that it looks good on phones and tablets, too.
  • The search results page has been redesigned! We've added several tweaks and improvements:

    • Filters and search controls are easier to use so that more clients can find you by the industries and products you specialize in.
    • Your QuickBooks Certifications are displayed more prominently, and it's easier to see which products you're certified in.
    • We've moved your review score front and center to help you stand out from the crowd.
    • Prospective clients can send you messages directly from the search results page- one less click between you and a new client.
With these improvements, we hope to match the right clients to the right accountants- which means more connections made and more leads for you!

To update your new profile, you must still use the  QBOA ProAdvisor center. If you access your profile from, you will not see the new fields and will not be able to make changes to them.

This is because we are working to make the QBOA ProAdvisor center your one-stop shop for all things ProAdvisor- for both your Desktop and your Online benefits. We'll be merging the two sites in the coming months so that everyone is using the new experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see the new profile experience when accessing my profile?

The new features can only be accessed from within QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). The new profile tab and insights are not available in the standalone ProAdvisor Member Website (

QBOA is free to all ProAdvisors! If you don't yet have an account, you can sign up using the instructions in Signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). You'll be able to use QBOA to access all the same benefits you're used to on the standalone website, along with the new profile experience.

I've been using the old ProAdvisor site and I want the new experience. What do I do?

If you already have a free QBOA firm, just sign into Then in the left navigation bar, click on the ProAdvisor tab. Although it has a different look and feel, this ProAdvisor center has everything you're used to- along with the new ProAdvisor profile experience.

If you do not yet have a QBOA firm, you can simply create one- it's quick and absolutely free. See  Signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) to get started.

I have a QBOA account, but the ProAdvisor center doesn't have all my certifications and products.

US customers with a paid Deluxe or Premium ProAdvisor membership might also have desktop software and certifications. If you are a US ProAdvisor and you don't see these desktop benefits in QBOA, you should connect your logins using the steps in  Connect ProAdvisor membership to QBOA.

Can I send my clients a direct link to my profile now?

Yes! Now that we've updated to match the improvements inside of QuickBooks Online, this is possible once more.

US users: I have a total of six (6) active certifications, but I only see four (4) badges on my new profile.

When you have both the Standard and the Advanced certification for a product, the Advanced badge replaces the Standard badge. This makes it easier for potential clients to identify you as an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor at a glance.

Non-US users: Can I display my advanced certifications on my new profile?

Yes! Your ProAdvisor profile can now display Advanced certifications.

CA users: Why can't I select the Payroll badge on my new profile?

We have sunsetted the Payroll badge, and it is no longer available to display on profiles.

The badges on my profile don't show my certification years. Why not?

We've removed certification years from badges for the time being. We're researching the best way to convey this information to prospective clients, and in the meantime we have decided to simply display whether you are current in your certifications for each category. Our goal is to drive as many accountant-small business connections as possible, and we are striving to find the most effective way to do that.

Will these updates change my position in the search results?

No, we haven't made any changes to our ranking algorithm. Your place in the search results won't change because of this update.

How do prospective clients find my email address?

Your email address is not displayed on your profile in order to protect your privacy. Prospective clients can send you a message while viewing your profile. You'll receive an email from us containing the submitted message, and the Leads and Inquiries counter on your profile will increase to help you gauge its performance. If you need your email listed on your profile, you can put it in the About me section of your profile.

Why did the default radius change from 25 miles to 10 miles?

Our goal for redesigning Find-a-ProAdvisor is to bring our accounting professionals more, better-matched client leads. Although many small businesses are open to working remotely with their ProAdvisor, distance is still a top consideration. Our research with small businesses suggests that the smaller search radius will increase the likelihood of connecting with a ProAdvisor- meaning more leads for you. And if a potential client doesn't find what they're looking for, they can always expand their search radius.

How can I submit feedback about the changes to the Find-A-ProAdvisor experience?

We're eager to hear your thoughts! If you would like to share feedback or be contacted by an Intuit representative regarding changes to Find-a-ProAdvisor, please submit an inquiry.

Not all of the languages I speak are available in the language section. How do I list them?

You can select Other from the list and enter a language (up to 50 characters) to display.

Can I hide my full address?

No, the postal code and city cannot be hidden. You can hide the street address, however.

I want to display one phone number and hide the others. How do I do this?

You can't hide individual phone numbers. You can toggle an option for all of them to be hidden or none of them. If you wish to display just one phone number, we recommend that you fill in just that phone number on your profile.

My performance card doesn't seem to update throughout the day. Why not?

The performance card updates once every 24 hours during the night. You won't see the activity from each day until the nightly update runs.

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