There are 3 ready-to-use management reports:

  • Company Overview, which contains the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports
  • Sales Performance, which contains the Profit and Loss, A/R Ageing Detail, and Sales by Customer Summary reports
  • Expenses Performance, which contains the Profit and Loss, A/P Ageing Detail, and Expenses by Supplier Summary reports

This table describes the sections in a management report.

section description
Cover page

For the cover page, you can:

  • Select a predefined cover style
  • Include a logo
  • Add a cover title and subtitle
  • Insert the date the report was prepared
  • Add disclaimer text
Table of contents

Including a table of contents is optional. The contents are automatically generated by QuickBooks, but you can set the page title to something other than “Table of Contents,” if desired. You can’t make changes to the contents, but you can view the actual contents when you preview or print the management report.

Preliminary pages

This section is for any custom content you want to include, such as an executive summary or other material. You can add as many pages of custom content as desired. You set the page title, and then add your page content.

You can also insert fields of predefined company content. Advanced editing with fields


You select the reports to include from a list. QuickBooks assumes you want to include some standard reports, like a balance sheet and profit and loss. Read more about how to add, edit, and delete reports from this section.

In addition to standard QuickBooks reports, you can select from custom reports you have set up and saved.

End notes

End notes let you put your own content at the end of the management report. You can also choose to include a breakdown of any sub-accounts associated with line items in the reports you included earlier in the document.

If you include a sub-account breakdown, you won’t see it in the page content area. You can see the breakdown when you preview or print the report.

Note that when you include a breakdown, QuickBooks automatically inserts explanatory text in the page content area: "1. This schedule displays detailed breakdowns of any sub-accounts for line items."

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