You are logged in as a specific user when you use QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop automatically creates the Admin user for you. Aside from the Admin user, you may be using another log in credential added by the Admin. Security updates and other unforseen circumstances may lead you to reset your password.

This article is about resetting the QuickBooks Admin password and other passwords you may have related to using QuickBooks Desktop.

Important password tips to remember
  • Passwords are case sensitive. Check the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys. One (or both) might be on, or could have been on when you created the password.
  • Passwords cannot contain spaces. Reenter the password without spaces.
  • When creating passwords. use the complex password guidelines: at least 7 characters (letters, numbers, special characters), at least 1 number, at least one uppercase letter.
  • Your keyboard might not be functioning correctly. Try typing some text in another program such as Notepad to be sure your keyboard is working.
  • You may be seeing an incorrect login screen. A login screen that asks for a password but does not ask for a user name is the administrator's login screen. If that screen appears and you have a non admin login, close QuickBooks, and then reopen it.
  • The password may actually be blank. Some users prefer to leave the Admin password to their data file empty, or blank. Note: Intuit does not recommend this practice, for security reasons. Try clicking OK in the login screen without entering a password. (You will get the login screen when the Admin password is blank if you have more users in the file than just the Admin user.)

Reset your QuickBooks Password

The following solutions apply to resetting the password for both an Admin and a non-Admin QuickBooks user.

1001063 / SLN41478