You can import lists into QuickBooks Online at any time. The imported lists will not overwrite or delete the data already existing in the QuickBooks Online company file, but will append to the already existing lists. This means that existing transactions, items, and online banking connections will not be affected by this import.

You must first export the lists to be imported from your original file before attempting to import them.

Important note

If there are special, non-alphanumeric characters such as colons (;), percent signs (%), and asterisks (*) in the names of your list entries, you may receive errors when importing or the Import button may be grayed out. Make sure the names of your list entries don't contain any special characters before importing them.

Import list data in Excel/CSV into QuickBooks Online

On the import page for each of the following list types, you will have an option to download a sample file. You can find it below the browse button. This sample file can be used as a template or to confirm that you have the correct format for the list that you are importing.