One of the features of QBOA available to the Accountant user is the ability to write off invoices that are determined to be uncollectible.

Note: At this time, this tool is ideal for writing off bad debt in the current period.  If you want to write off the invoice in a closed period use Writing off bad debt.

To write off invoices:

  1. From the Accountant Tool-belt, click on the Accountant Tools (briefcase) icon.
  2. From the Accountant Tools drop-down, select Write Off Invoices.
  3. Use the Drop down at the top of the list to specify the Invoices that should be written off (Aging, transaction date, or open balance)
  4. Select the Invoice(s) to write off by checking the box to the left of the invoice.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, select the Write-Off Account (Default is Bad Debt)
  6. Click Preview and Write-Off.
  7. Confirm the results of the write-off and click the Write-Off button.
  8. Close Close.

At this point a discount will be applied to the invoice(s) that will post to the account selected in the Write-Off Account selection.


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