Eligibility requirements

For a subscription to be eligible for moving into Wholesale Billing, the subscription must meet the following criteria:

Note: QuickBooks Self-Employed is only available to be added to Wholesale billing in the UK.

  • You need to have already entered billing information for your Wholesale Billing account. For instructions, see Edit your QBOA Wholesale Billing information.
  • Clients cannot be migrated-in on the Wholesale Billing date, which is shown on the Your Account screen as the Next bill date.
  • The client company's Next Payment Date must be within 33 days of the day you attempt to add the company to the Wholesale subscription. Note: This date can be found within the client company by going to Gear menu - Account and Settings - Billing & Subscription.
  • Clients must have an active monthly billing subscription and be listed within the QBOA Client List. Note: Yearly billing subscriptions can only be changed to monthly billing 30 days before the next annual billing date.
  • Clients must be in the region of QBO that corresponds with your region of QBOA (US, UK, AU, SG, ZA or CA).

    Note: QuickBooks Self-Employed is only available for Wholesale Billing in the UK.

  • Clients must be in QuickBooks Online Essentials or QuickBooks Online Plus (QuickBooks Online Simple Start subscriptions CANNOT be added to Wholesale Billing but *Easy Start can be added for Canada).

Important changes for QuickBooks Self-Employed (US Only) as of 7/31/2018

For US QBOA users QuickBooks Self-Employed subscriptions can no longer be added to Wholesale Billing.
  • Due to important changes we are implementing, we have temporarily suspended the ability for our QuickBooks Online Accountant users in the US to add QuickBooks Self-Employed accounts to wholesale billing.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
QuickBooks Self Employed (UK Only)
  • For UK QBOA users QuickBooks Self-Employed subscriptions can now ONLY be added as a new subscription to Wholesale. 
  • If a QBSE subscription is moved out of Wholesale it cannot be migrated. The functionality to add to whole sale will be available in May 2018. 
  • QBSE subscriptions can only be added to Wholesale and cannot be added as a direct discount to a client. 
  • The QBSE user will be the master administrator on the subscription. 

Add an existing company to your Wholesale subscription

You can move eligible clients' subscriptions into your Wholesale Billing subscriptions to take advantage of reduced pricing.

To add a company to your Wholesale Billing:
  1. In Quickbooks Online Accountant, click the Gear menu in the upper right of the screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, under Your Company, select Your Account.
  3. From the Your Account page, click the Move clients to wholesale button. (If you have not entered billing information yet, this button will be grayed out.)
  4. Within the Move clients to wholesale billing screen, place a check-mark (✔) next to each client you wish to move.
    Note: This screen will display all clients not currently in Wholesale Billing; those who are eligible for migration to the Wholesale Billing subscription will not have an entry under Reasons unable to move.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review to ensure selected clients are correct and click Move Clients.
  7. You will see a screen that advises if all clients were correctly migrated and a list of clients whose migration failed.

Remove a company from your Wholesale subscription

You can remove companies that are to no longer be managed under your Wholesale Billing subscription. A company that has been removed from wholesale billing will no longer be eligible for the wholesale discount and all previous discounts will be removed as well. They will be billed the standard rate for their subscription.

To remove a company from Wholesale Billing:
  1. In Quickbooks Online Accountant, click the Gear menu in the upper right of the screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, under Your Company, select Your Account.
  3. From within the Your Accountant window, scroll down to the Wholesale clients section.
  4. Locate the company you wish to remove from wholesale billing.
  5. From the Actions column drop-down, select Remove from Wholesale.

    NOTE: The company needs to be in Active status to manage the subscription. If the Billing Profile has been suspended, you will need to wait until the billing has been restored before you will see the option to change.