How to add another company to same user ID?

In order to create multiple companies under same user ID/email ID, please follow the steps given below:
  1. Go to and click on the "Start 30-Day Free Trial" button
  2. Since you already have an account with Intuit QuickBooks, click on "Add another company" link
  3. Enter your credentials in the Email Address (User ID) and Password fields.
  4. Click the Add Another Company button.
  5. Enter the authentication code send to your e-mail address/phone.
  6. In Page 1 of set up, ensure that you enter the name of the business or else QuickBooks will default to 'Your Name's Company'.
    1. Skipped Step 6? No worries. You can always login to the newly created company file, click the gear icon, select Company Settings and update the name.
Repeat the process for the companies you would like to create under one user ID/email ID.

If you already have companies created and you want to consolidate them under one user ID/email ID then follow the steps given in the How do I consolidate my companies under one user ID? article.

If you are looking to create a new free trial account with QuickBooks India follow the steps given in the How to sign up (create a trial) for a new QuickBooks India company? (India only) article.