Here's a chart that lets you know which features are available in QuickBooks Online Mobile on each of these platforms.

Feature iPhone iPad Android Phone Android Tablet
Create and manage customers

Import customers from contacts

See a customer on a map

Create and manage vendors

Import vendors from contacts

See a vendor on a map

Create estimates, Invoices, Sales Receipt, and Payments

Create expenses and attach a receipt photo

Split expenses between different categories and customer

Enter negative prices and rates





View expense pie and bar charts

Create new vendors for expenses

Convert estimates to invoices

Receive payments for open invoices

Email invoices as PDF attachments

Email invoices to customers and get paid by credit card or bank transfer (US only; IPN or ICN subscription required)

Enable custom transaction numbers, service date fields, and class and location tracking on estimates, invoices, and sales receipts (QBO Plus)

Track expenses using location and class fields (QBO Plus only)


Use GoPayment to accept credit card payments (US only)

Sign up for payments processing (US only)

Multicurrency support (QuickBooks Online Plus & Essentials)

Add account    



Reconcile bank transactions from connected bank accounts

Bank and credit card feeds

Refresh bank and credit card feeds on-demand

Bulk modify transactions in bank feeds

Swipe to the left and right to accept bank transaction

See bank/credit card account balances in register

Add a new bank account
Modify multiple bank feed transactions at one time

Manually refresh bank feeds



Notes & attachments
Add notes, photos, and attachments to transactions

Add notes to customer

Add photos to customer

Run Profit & Loss report

View Balance Sheet

Set up and manage tax rates in settings

Edit group tax rates (US only)



Activity & History
See company activity feed

See transaction history

See app version

Manage notifications for customer calls




Manage notifications in settings

Subscription info (shows for accounts created on device)

Edit company information

Set PIN to sign in

Use Touch ID/Fingerprint to sign in

3rd Party Password Manager support

Create a gesture lock    

See overdue invoice notifications

Create custom email messages for sales forms

Set up and manage tax rates

See What’s New    

Access Help

In side menu

In side menu

See status of account

Send feedback

Refresh all QBO data on device

Sign up for payments        
Contact support

Send error log    

Features iPhone iPad Android Phone Android Tablet
Company Switcher
Switch companies without signing out

Free Trial & Subscribe
Subscribe to the 30 day free trial and create an account in the app

User can subscribe on their device, call support or go to QBO web> Gear> Your account

Via iTunes

Via iTunes

Via Google Play

Via Google Play

Apple Watch – View QuickBooks insights, your account balances, income, expenses, and open invoice amounts at a glance

Pairs with iPhone (US & Global) Temporarily removed from iTunes 2016-08

Support for negative prices and rates

Support for other file types (pdf, doc, etc.) in attachments

Pull down on lists to update data

Use Google Maps for directions

Location of Settings & Help
Access Settings Side menu Side menu Options menu Options menu
Access Help Side menu Side menu Options menu Options menu
Localization & Globalization


BR only

BR only

Widgets for easy shortcuts to the app    

What needs to be done on the web first
Connect to your bank

Turn on multicurrency, online payments, class, location, and service dates

Turn the preference on to split an expense between customers or categories

Have Admin or Accountant permissions to run P&L and Bal Sheet reports

Connect GoPayment to QBO web to see it in the app when creating a sales receipt or payment

Enable custom fields, location and class on web

Customize sales forms to personalize them with a logo, font, tailored columns, header, footer, and customer message

For company files created on web, must enable discounts and shipping on web

Feature iPhone iPad Android Phone Android Tablet
Track “quantity on hand”

Edit tax rates and view/pay sales tax liabilities

Pay for a subscription in the app
User must contact support or go to QBO web > Gear > Your account

See bank balances by account

Payroll – not yet integrated with QBO mobile, but users can run mobile payroll independent of QBO mobile

View Chart of Accounts

Delete or activate customers

Delete estimates, invoices, sales receipts, payments, and expenses

Purchase orders





Custom reports – only 2 (P&L and Balance Sheet), users can go to the web to run more

Graphical P&L view



Time and mileage tracking





Accept signatures on estimates and invoices

Add the option to send packing slips

Job costing

  iPhone iPad    
Main UI differences between iPhone and iPad
Download, categorize, match, and accept bank transactions (US only)

Simplified menu lists the main QuikckBooks content areas. To create transactions, select (+) on most screens.

  Android Phone Android Tablet    
Main UI differences between Android Phone and Android Tablet
Expenses and related charts

Same info different orientation

Same info, different orientation

Grid view on transactions


Search functionality

Entity specific


  iPhone iPad Android Phone Android Tablet
OS Version supported

iOs9.3 or later

iOs9.3 or later 4.1 or later 4.1 or later