The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has secured a bond transaction totaling $630 million to increase the financial health of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and provide relief to Colorado employers.

Bond Repayment

The bond interest and principal will be repaid as follows:

Bond Interest Repayments: Bond interest will be charged only to businesses that have an experienced rating of less that +7. Beginning in September 2012, payments will be collected through a separate assessment billing similar to the Federal interest payments.

Bond Principal Repayments: Bond principal assessment will be subject to experienced rated employers. The bond principal charge for each subject employer will be itemized on the 2015/2014 Unemployment Rate Notice, which is mailed in November.

The Premium Surcharge, Solvency Surcharge, and Solvency Tax Surcharge Adjustment that were in effect prior to tax year 2013 are not active after December 31, 2012.


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