The Connecticut Department of Revenue has posted new revised 2015 Withholding Calculations Rules on their website, effective August 1, 2015.

This article will also be in effect for 2016.

Any pay checks dated in 2015 from August 1st and future - an action required may need to be taken.

You may need to update your employee Connecticut Withholding set up in QuickBooks if you have:

  • An employee that is paid over $345,000 with Withholding Code A, D or F.
  • An employee is paid over $552,000 for Withholding Code B.
  • An employee paid over $600,000 annually in 2015 and has chosen the filing status of "Withholding Code C".

    More information is provided in Frequency Asked Questions section. 


You are an employer who pays wages in the State of Connecticut and have an active Payroll Subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions