The Oregon Worker Benefit Fund (OR WBF) is an hourly tracked other tax that is different from Oregon Workers Compensation. It is automatically added by payroll, but requires a manual entry of the "worker's assessment rate" for each employee and company rate. This article explains how to set up or change the OR WBF in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • There are new rates effective January 1st 2017.
  • The agency shows the new 2017 Rates to be 2.8 cents per hour for the employer tax.
  • Employers can deduct 1.4 cents per hour from employees if they choose to have employees pay a portion of the 2.8 cents per hour employer tax.
  • For Agency information, please see Oregon Workers' Compensation Division website.

Expected Outcome

You will set up or change your company and employee rates correctly.


Your company is subject to this surcharge assessment. 


In QuickBooks Desktop if you need to "set up" or change the OR WBF you set it up as an Other Tax, so you must set up or change the assessment rates for both company and employee.

Note: Effective January 1st 2017, the rates for Oregon Worker Benefit Fund (OR WBF) are changing.

Although you cannot edit this payroll item from the Payroll Item List, you can add and/or change the rate by editing the employee's payroll and compensation information:

  1. In the Employee Center, double-click on the employee's name. The Edit Employee window opens.
  2. Click the Payroll Info tab.
  3. Click the Taxes button to display the Federal, State and Other tabs.
  4. Click the Other tab and click the OR WBF tax.