To avoid service interruption, you can safely and securely update your billing information for your QuickBooks Payroll Service. Follow the instructions below depending on the payment method you are using (credit card or bank account).

If you are switching your payment method from Credit Card to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or vice versa, please contact us.



To update your credit card:

  1. Sign in using your login information to My Account.  (Click here if you need help signing in.)  This will open the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.
  2. In the Annual Billing Details section, the level of information and the link to click vary per role/user:
  3. Enter your new credit card information, and then click Continue.
  4. Review your subscription details (subscription type, renewal date, and fee).
  5. Click the Log Out link at the upper right, and close the page.

To update your bank account or EFT:

Note: If you are using EFT as your payment method, you will not be able to update it from the Account Maintenance page in QuickBooks Desktop. Go to the My Account website and follow the steps below to update your payment information.

  1. Sign in to My Account.  See also My Account login help
  2. In the Products & Services section, select your payroll service.
  3. Update your Payment Details and click Save and Close.
  4. Review your subscription details (subscription type, renewal date, and fee).
  5. At the top right, click the dropdown button next to your company name and click Logout.