NOTE: This article uses the term "check", please be advised that it is applicable to all locations.


You can use QuickBooks Desktop to give an employee an advance on upcoming pay (using cash, check, or credit), which can then be reimbursed to the company through payroll deductions.

  • How to create a regular (non-paycheck) check for an advance.
  • How to set up a deduction to pay back the advance.
  • How to create a report to track employee loan balances.
  • How to manage employee loans that will be repaid over time, via several paychecks.

Expected Outcome

You will be able to pay the employee the advance amount and reimburse the company for that amount.


You have an active payroll subscription and would like to pay an employee an advance payment of their regular payroll.


To pay an advance on a Write Check:

To pay an advance on a paycheck:

Additional Information: