When connecting to the Internet with QuickBooks, you cannot connect or you might receive the following message:

QuickBooks Payroll Services: QuickBooks requires an Internet connection for some services. Click Yes to set up your QuickBooks Internet access now. If you are signing up for Payroll Disk Delivery, click Yes, then select Other Internet Connection. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions.

QuickBooks is not detecting your Internet connection.

Expected Outcome

QuickBooks will be able to connect to the Internet.


Your computer has Internet access outside of QuickBooks.


Note: Below is a list of fixes for this error. You may not need to follow all of them to resolve the issue. We recommend trying to download payroll updates again after every few steps.

  1. In the error message window, click Yes to open the Internet Connection Setup window. (Or choose Help > Internet Connection Setup.)

If you follow these procedures and still need to call technical support, be ready to answer the following questions. Your technical support agent will need the answers to assist you.

  • What operating system are you using?
  • Are you using a stand-alone computer or are you on a network, that is, is more than one computer connected together?
  • What type of Internet connection do you have, dial-up or high speed?
  • Are you using a firewall? If so, what firewall software are you using? You might need to reconfigure it to allow qbw32.exe and qbupdate.exe access to the Internet.
  • Who is your Internet service provider (ISP)?
  • Does your ISP have filtering controls? Many ISPs offer content filtering. To see if your ISP offers filtering or parental controls, go to its homepage (usually mentions filtering) or contact the ISP.