Here's an easy guide on how to open your company file and set up your desktop view preferences in Quickbooks.

Open your company file:

When you open QuickBooks Desktop, the No Company Open window appears, consider any of the following steps to open your company file.

  • Select the Open or restore an existing company icon, select Open a company file, and click Next. Choose the company file, or browse to the folder containing the company file, and click Open.
  • In the Select a company that you've previously opened and click Open section, select your company file, and click Open.

Open a different company file while working in Quickbooks:

If you are working in QuickBooks Desktop and the wrong company file is open, follow below steps to open a different company file.

  1. Choose File > Open or Restore Company.
  2. In the Open or Restore Company window, choose Open a company file radio button then click Next.
  3. Select your company file or browse to the folder containing your company file, then click Open.

IMPORTANT: Always open your QuickBooks Desktop company files from within QuickBooks Desktop. If you open a company file by double-clicking the file outside QuickBooks Desktop, you may lose access to all QuickBooks Desktop functions.

If the homepage is minimized when you open the company file:

When you open your company file and the Home page is minimized, you may need to check and correct your Desktop Preferences.

  1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  2. In the left side bar, select Desktop View then choose My Preferences.
  3. In the DESKTOP section, choose one the following options:
    • Save when closing company: This will always give you the desktop view, from the last time you open your company file
    • Don't save the desktop: If you select this, the opened windows from the last time you open your company file won’t automatically open.
    • Save current desktop: This will save the current desktop including all the opened windows. After this option is selected, the preference will show and move to Keep previously saved desktop option
  4. You can also check one of the following boxes:
    • Show Home page when opening a company file: if you want your Homepage to show up every time you open your company file.
    • Switch to colored icons/light background on the Top Icon Bar: if you want your icon bar to light up
  5. Click OK.