This report shows the total and taxable wages that are subject to federal and state withholding.

To see this report:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Reports.
  2. Click in the search box (the one with the magnifying glass icon) to see a drop-down list of reports. If you know the name of the report, start entering the report name to quickly jump to it in the list.
  3. Select Payroll Tax and Wage Summary.
  4. Select a time period from the Date Range drop-down.
  5. Select a specific work location to see a list of taxes and wages paid at that location from the Work Location drop-down.
  6. Click Run Report.

The Payroll Tax and Wage Summary report is a great way to find the information you need for state or local taxes. For example, click the name of a tax in the report results to see the amount of tax paid per employee by Social Security number (SSN).

Want descriptions of each type of report? On the main Reports page, click a category (Recommended, Frequently Run, My Custom Reports, All Reports) to see a specific group of reports with short descriptions of each. Click Run to view the report with its default settings. If it’s possible to customize the report, you’ll see a Customize link beneath its description.

Click Print a payroll report to see info on printing the report.

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