We're sorry to see you go, but want to make the cancelation process as simple as possible for you. Before you cancel, we recommend exporting your data for record-keeping purposes.

If you're already subscribed:

  1. Click the Gear icon > Account and Settings. If you don't see Account and Settings, you will need to unsubscribe from the Your Account page (Gear icon > Your Account > Billing Info > Edit Billing Info > Cancel Subscription).
  2. From the Billing & Subscription tab, click Cancel next to your subscription status.
  3. Click Continue Cancelation.
  4. Answer some questions to let us know why you're no longer interested in QuickBooks.
  5. Click Cancel now.

If you're in a trial:

  • If you didn’t enter credit card information, you can just let your trial expire. Check the Subscription Status area in Gear icon > Account and Settings > Billing & Subscription to see the end date of the trial. If you don't see Account and Settings, you can view this information in Gear icon > Your Account > Billing Info.

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