Your user ID is the name you enter along with your password. You have one password that applies to all the companies associated with your sign-in name.

To change your user ID or password:

  1. Click the Gear icon > Your Account. (If you see User Profile instead of Your Account, see Change user profile information for instructions.)
  2. Click the Personal Info tab.
  3. Click Edit Personal Info.
  4. Scroll to the Sign In Info area at the bottom, and click Change to change your sign-in information.
  5. If asked to, confirm that this is your account by requesting and entering a confirmation code. Otherwise, click Continue to go to a secure page to make your changes. A new window opens in which you will need to sign in again. The Intuit Profile page opens in the new window.
  6. On the Intuit Profile page, click Edit next to User ID, make your change, and click Save to save it.
  7. Click the Security tab to go to the area where you change your password.
  8. Click Edit next to Password, make your changes, and click Save to save them.
  9. Close the Intuit Profile window to return to QuickBooks.
  10. You will see the message, "If you've changed your sign in information, it has been updated. Click OK.

If you changed your password, you must use your new password the next time you sign in.

You can't change the password of another user.

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