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To accept credit card payments from customers, you can either swipe the card with a USB card reader, or type the card information into QuickBooks.

What you should know before processing a credit card payment

Enter a card payment from the Sales Receipt or Receive Payment page

  1. You can:

    • Click Create (+) > Receive Payment if you receive payment for a sale that you previously entered on an invoice.
    • Click Create (+) > Sales Receipt if you record a sale and receive immediate payment.
  2. Complete the form as usual. Select a credit card for Payment method and click Enter credit card details.
  3. Either:
    • Enter the card information in the fields and click OK to save.
    • To swipe, click Swipe card, and swipe the card through the reader as shown onscreen. Why swipe cards?
  4. Click Save and close to save the transaction and process the payment.

Enter a card payment from the Invoice page

If you receive a deposit as a partial payment and issue an invoice for the remainder, you can process a card payment from the Invoice page.

You can only do this if you turn on deposits: click the Gear icon > Company Settings (or Account and Settings depending on what you see), and click the Sales tab. Then click the pencil icon next to Sales form content and select Deposit.

You need to enter the card information manually; card swiping isn't currently available from invoices.

  1. Click Create (+) > Invoice.
  2. Fill in the top of the form as usual.
  3. In the Deposit field, enter the deposit amount.
  4. From the Payment method drop-down list, select the credit card type.
  5. Click Enter credit card details to enter or change the credit card information.
  6. Select Process credit card.
  7. Click Save and close.

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