You can customize the style of invoices, sales receipts, and estimates, plus you can control which data entry fields are available on sales forms.

To change the style of sales forms:

  1. Click the Gear icon > Custom Form Styles.

  2. To change the Standard style for all types of forms, click Edit.
    Or, click New style and then select Invoice, Estimate, or Sales Receipt from the list at the upper-left to start a new style.
  3. On the Customize Form Style page, go through all the tabs to experiment with the changes you can make. For example:
    • On the Design tab, select+ to upload a new logo. It replaces any logo you already uploaded. To select a color that matches one in your logo, point to the color in your logo and select it.
    • On the Content tab, select any of the three sections on the invoice (on the right) to edit the main part of your sales forms. Tip: Here's how to set up your addresses for window envelopes.

    To see multilingual characters (such as Chinese) on invoices, go to the Design tab and set Font to Arial MS.

    • On the Table (second) section of the Content tab, change the width of a column by selecting Edit labels and widths. Select Save labels and widths to make sure your changes stick.
  4. Select Preview PDF at the bottom of the screen to see the results of your choices, and then select Done to save all changes.

If you added a new style, you'll see it listed on the Custom Form Styles page. Here's how to assign it to a new form you're creating.

To change the data entry fields:

  1. Click Gear icon > Company Settings (or Account and Settings depending on what you see) > Sales.
  2. Turn on any of the settings under Sales forms content or Products and services, and click Done.

You can also change certain data entry fields directly on an invoice.

  1. Click Create (+) > Invoice.
  2. Click Gear icon.
  3. Add any available fields or columns.
  4. Click Gear icon to close.

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