Connecting a payment account to your QuickBooks company allows you to send invoices that will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Detailed instructions

  1. While signed into QuickBooks Online as the Master Administrator, click the Company/Gear icon > Company Settings.
  2. On the left, click the Payments category. (Don't see Payments? No problem. Click QuickBooks Payments instead.)
  3. On the right, next to Existing account, click the Connect button. (No Connect button? Instead, you'll look for Link Merchant Service and click the link start here.)

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  4. An additional window or tab opens to an Intuit Payment Solutions branded page. The connection service automatically looks for any QuickBooks Payments accounts with the same login as the QBO user who is currently logged in. This may take a few moments.
    • Click the radio button next to the QuickBooks Payments account you wish to connect with QuickBooks Online.
    • If no accounts are found, you are asked to sign into using the QuickBooks Payments account. Sign in using the QuickBooks Payments account login credentials.
    • If you do not see the QuickBooks Payments account you want to connect, click Choose another account to link and sign in using the QuickBooks Payments account login credentials.

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  5. Review all important disclosures and confirm the correct account was selected. If everything looks right, click Link account. The connection service links the accounts and informs you once it is complete.

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  6. Congratulations! You're all linked up. To experience all of the QuickBooks Payments features, sign out of QuickBooks Online and sign back in.