Great news! iPhone users can now accept credit card payments using a GoPayment credit card swiper with QuickBooks. This works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. You can either swipe a customer's credit card through the GoPayment card reader or key-enter the customer's credit card information on the new screens in QuickBooks for iPhone. 

Detailed Instructions

To accept a credit card payment using QuickBooks for iPhone

1. Locate the menu key towards the upper left corner.


2. Tap Credit as the payment method, and tap Next:

3. Plug the GoPayment reader into your iPhone and swipe the customer’s credit card (if the GoPayment reader isn’t handy, you can tap and key-enter the credit card information):


4.  The user can then “sign” with their finger and tap Charge. When the charge is approved, you’ll see the success message:


5. Once you accept a payment, you can email the information to the customer: