With QuickBooks Payments, you can receive payments from your customers even when you're not near your computer. You only need your smartphone and the QuickBooks Mobile Payments app (formerly GoPayment). That's great. But how do you get those payments into QuickBooks Online? It's simple -- just follow the detailed instructions in this article.

In order for these instructions to make sense, we assume that your QuickBooks Online company is connected to a compatible QuickBooks Payments account and you have processed at least one credit card transaction using the QuickBooks Mobile Payments app or GoPayment app.

Detailed instructions

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top > Import GoPayment.
  2. A list of available mobile payments transactions appears. Click to highlight the payment(s) you want to record.
  3. Choose whether you want to record the payment(s) as a Receive Payment or Sales Receipt transaction.

    User-added image

    Note: Receive Payment transactions will be saved as unapplied payments to a customer. You will need to apply the payment to the corresponding invoice to mark that invoice as paid.
  4. Select the customer for which you would like to record the payment. Enter in any other details you'd like, such as a memo.

    Note: The memo field populates a comment from the QuickBooks Mobile Payments transaction you are downloading. In the QuickBooks Mobile Payments app, use the "Add Memo" button on the Review Order screen to take advantage of this feature.
  5. Once everything looks right, click Save & Continue or Save & Done. Once you've completed categorization of all payments, a dialog is displayed indicating that the payments are being saved as QuickBooks Online transaction, and that's it!