What does the GoPayment History screen show?

About the GoPayment History screen

The GoPayment History screen shows:

  • All charges orted by date, starting with the most recent. There is no limit to the number of transactions displayed. Just scroll down to view more transactions, or tap the View More button at the bottom of the list to retrieve additional transactions.
  • Total transaction amount for each day.
  • The time of each transaction.

Note that:

  • New charges are downloaded from the server ("the cloud") when you sign in to GoPayment.
  • Transactions are displayed for all GoPayment users on this account, not just the currently signed-in user.
  • You can send a receipt or void a transaction from the detail page.

NOTE: GoPayment history is associated with the GoPayment application on the mobile device. If GoPayment is uninstalled or the cache is cleared on the same mobile device the history will be lost and cannot be recovered.

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