In QuickBooks India company you can create/enter bill with or without TDS from the supplier.

To enter the bill with TDS you need to first enable TDS for that supplier. Visit this link to know more about how to enable TDS for a particular supplier.

Follow the steps given below to create/enter a bill/invoice that you have received from your supplier in QuickBooks:
  1. After you are logged into your QuickBooks company, click on "+" button and click on "Bill"
  2. Select the supplier name from the drop down.
  3. Enter the bill date, bill due date & bill number
  4. If you are purchasing any product or service for which you have created a product or service in QucikBooks enter the details in the "Item Details" section. Otherwise select the account in the "Account Section" where the amount should get posted.
  5. If you have enabled TDS for this supplier you will get the option to select the TDS section in the drop down and enter the TDS amount. You can also click on "Calculate TDS" link and QuickBooks will calculate the applicable TDS based on the section selected and the options selected while enabling TDS for this supplier.
  6. Click on Save button to save this bill.