Security limits help protect you from fraudulent ACH activities by capping the amount you can send using our Direct Deposit services.

To request an increase to your current direct deposit limits, click here.


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Direct Deposit Limit Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a Direct Deposit/limit error message?

  •     The total of your company's Direct Deposits/Vendor exceed the maximum allowed. 
  •     You can have your Direct Deposit limits raised, or you can modify your payroll transmission so you are under the limit.
If you attempted to send payroll more than four times while your Direct Deposits/Vendor exceeded the maximum allowed, your account has been placed on DD Limit Hold. Please contact a payroll service representative at 888.712-9702. 

I have sufficient funds in my account. Why didn't my payroll go through?

  •     Intuit Payroll Services established limits for Direct Deposits to protect you from fraud.
  •     When one of our customers attempts to send a Direct Deposit that exceeds the established limits, Intuit Payroll Services assumes additional risk, so we require additional information to decide whether to approve a larger amount.

How do I raise the Direct Deposit limits on my account?

For customers in Canada click here for support. 

What is the turnaround time for my request?

  •     Requests are reviewed within 3 to 4 business hours.
  •     Depending on the amounts and paperwork needed, you could be approved right away without paperwork. If signed forms are required, we do review updated cases each day.

Do I have another option if I don't want to raise my Direct Deposit limits or the limit increase is denied?

  •     Many companies exceed the limits only once or twice a year when they pay bonuses.
  •     Consider paying large bonuses by check instead of using direct deposit.
  •     Break up your direct deposit into separate check dates.

What is the Request for Change in Security Limits Form, and how do I know what the limits should be?

This form is used to request new Direct Deposit limits. Instructions for estimating the limit is included on the form. Keep in mind that this is an estimate; they don't have to be exact. Estimate the limit.
Company limits determine the total amount of Direct Deposit transactions your company may process each day.
Your Intuit representative can help you determine what these limits should be, or if you prefer, you can accurately estimate the amounts of the company limit by running payroll reports or reviewing your payroll history.

What is the Request for Bank Rating and what does Intuit do with it?

  •     The Request for Bank Rating authorizes your financial institution to disclose information regarding your account history for the accounts you want us to take into consideration.
  •     Knowing the average historical balance in your account helps us determine whether your account is sufficiently funded for the Direct Deposit limits you are requesting.
Note: If the your bank refuses to complete our bank rating form, they could provide a letter on bank letterhead with the requested information (i.e. 6 month average balance, current balance, account number, date opened). The letter will also need to include the bankers name and contact information. 

Where do I send the Request for Bank Rating form?

Fax it to us at 775.201.7335.