Google Authenticator is another way to opt in to two-step verification and add another layer of protection to your QuickBooks account.

The iPhone version is available through the App Store; for Android, go to the Google Play Store. The app isn't available for Windows phones.

After you get the app:

  1. Enable two-step verification.
  2. Click the Turn on Google Authenticator button.
  3. Select iPhone or Android as your phone type and select Continue.
  4. Open the Google Authenticator App on your device.
  5. If you're using Google Authenticator for the first time, click Begin Setup (otherwise, click the '+' at the top of the App window in iPhone or the Menu 'button' to the left of Home on Android).
  6. Choose either:
    • Scan barcode to scan the code on the screen, or
    • Manual entry to manually enter the account name (use Intuit) and the key provided on the screen (case-sensitive).
  7. After you have successfully scanned the barcode or entered the key you'll receive a 6-digit Confirmation Code from us.
  8. Enter your 6-digit Confirmation Code and then click the Verify & Save button.

To disable Google Authenticator, simply disable the two-step verification feature in QuickBooks.