When you try to use GoPayment, it doesn't work correctly.

Problems can include:

  • GoPayment won't open or freezes
  • You can't sign in
  • Features are not available or don't work as expected
  • Problems processing transactions (not related to the card reader)
  • Other issues

NOTE: If GoPayment is configured for Fundraising, certain features may not be available. See GoPayment for fundraising for more information or to disable if needed.

IMPORTANT: The GoPayment Admin User must be signed in to make changes to GoPayment settings. This may or may not be the same as the merchant account Admin User. If unsure, you can verify user rights in the GoPayment section of the Merchant Service Center. The user id must be in email format (e.g. something@notarealemail.com) or problems will occur when logging in to GoPayment.


1. Is the GoPayment application installed on a supported device? Checking this is important: List of supported Devices. If the mobile device is not listed here then it has not been verified to be compatible with the GoPayment application and/or the related hardware. The website version of GoPayment (https://gopayment.intuit.com) will need to be used until a supported device is available.


2. Have you cleared the browser cache on the device recently? The browser cache will impact the data being transmitted, so be sure to clear it frequently.

  • Apple devices:  On the device go to Settings>Safari and select Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.
  • Android Devices:  Open the Internet Browser.  Select Menu >Settings > Privacy & security > Clear cache, and select to Clear history and Clear all cookie data


3. Does the GoPayment application need to be replaced? If there are problems with the GoPayment application or if an update will not apply, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the application.


4.  Is the mobile device updated to its most recent operating system version? GoPayment is updated frequently and requires the mobile device's operating system to be at its most current version as well. If there is any doubt, the device provider will need to be contacted to confirm this information. 


5. Are there third party applications installed on the device? Games, screen savers, power management or other applications installed on the mobile device are known to interfere with GoPayment especially if they have become corrupted. To rule them out as an issue, remove these third party applications installed on the device.  If necessary take note of the installed items for reinstallation after GoPayment has begun to function correctly.


6. Has the mobile device been reset to factory (like-new) settings? This step can have a big impact on the data and/or applications installed on the device so it is listed here at the end when all other efforts have failed to get GoPayment and/or the card reader to work on a supported device. To ensure there is no impact from customized device settings and/or hardware issues, the device will need to be completely reset to original factory specifications. Since all devices have their own specific method for achieving this, refer to the manufacturer (if necessary) for the exact steps to perform a factory default reset to original settings. IMPORTANT: If done correctly, this will result in the loss of all data and applications installed on the device since it was purchased!  So be sure to back up any information if necessary. When completed the supported device will appear as it did when originally purchased and GoPayment and/or the card reader will function appropriately.

7. Are the Language, Regional, or International settings properly configured? Sometimes a merchant will receive the error "Charge failed. The geo location sent is invalid". This problem can be caused by the Language, Regional, or International settings not being English or United States.  Access your device settings to ensure it is configured for English and United States.

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