You can configure the GoPayment app to reflect the way you work.

 NOTE: When making changes to certain items, you may be prompted to enter your password and the last four numbers of the EIN or SSN used for your payments account.

GoPayment app standard features

Payment Settings

To select settings, tap Settings icon on the Navigation menu.

This opens the Settings page, shown here for the iPad with Receipt Customization selection. (The Settings screen looks very similar on other devices.)




Card Reader Type

Plug the Intuit card reader into your audio output jack, then allow to use your location and microphone in order for the card reader to to work with the app/phone.


Memo to Self

Lets you enter additional info related to the transaction (like invoice number or other notes). Only you see the memo, the customer doesn't.



Store Settings



Let your customer add a tip to the total amount. Turn on Tips to show an Add Tip button on the Signature page.



If you use items, you can enter the sales tax percentage here to apply to some or all items. (You can make cash transactions taxable as you perform the transaction). . 

Store Info

Enter a Store Name and Store Description.


Tap Change to add a logo for your store, which will be displayed on your home page (as below) and on your receipts. You can take a picture with your iPad's camera or choose a picture from your photo library.

Tips for adding a photo: Item photos will look best if the ratio of the picture width to height is 4 to 3 (1.25). The iPad uses this ratio for pictures by default. If you view a picture's properties on your computer, the aspect ratio may be stated in pixels (e.g., 920 x 720, which is also a 4:3 ratio).




Choose a color and pattern to customize your store's look on your iPad. Just tap the sample square you like.


Receipt Customization


Customize your receipts by entering a message (say, "Thanks for your business") and a return policy and legal message (""Returns allowed after 30 days").


Spread the word about your business!

You can add sharing links to your receipts so your customers can let the world know about your business. You can add links to the most popular social sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp). For example, to add a link to Facebook, just enter your URL like so:


Always send email receipts

If you always want to send a copy of your receipts to the same address (perhaps yourself, or your accountant), just enter an email address in the Email address field. For more information please see, add an email to send  a copy of a receipt.


Sync Settings

If your business has multiple stores, you can grab items from the "cloud" so all your stores have the same items and prices. Sync just grabs your account's latest item list and downloads it to your mobile device.

Admins and Managers can sync items and categories to other devices/users on their account. Assistant managers and and Associates can only sync down to their own device.

Tap Sync Items when you are ready to synchronize items and categories across all your store's devices. You can also choose to sync only when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Note: Intuit adheres to rigorous banking industry protection standards for secure data transmission.

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