QuickBooks Online Backup and its associated web sites have security measures in place to protect the access, loss, misuse and alteration of data and personally identifiable information under its control. It employs sophisticated security measures and uses encryption technology similar to what financial institutions and US Government use.

After the installation, the selected files for backup and personally identifiable information go through an encryption before transmitted to the internet. This backup system utilizes 256 bit AES encryption and part of the process is breaking each file into small blocks before transferring to the Online Backup data center in an assorted fashion. Once the data is received, it is authenticated and stored in the QuickBooks Online Backup system in an encrypted form which is protected from the outside firewall and restricted by a password. This password is required to decrypt and transfer the data back to the PC.

This article covers the following topics.

  • System Requirements
  • Install QuickBooks Online Backup
  • Firewall / Anti virus Configuration for QuickBooks Online Backup Service
  • Files to Backup
  • Schedule QuickBooks Online Backup
  • Create backup in QuickBooks Online Backup
  • Restore Files from QuickBooks Online Backup
  • Retrieve your Backup History from the Data Center
  • Change the Email Address Associated with you Online Backup Account
  • Reactivate your recently deactivated QuickBooks Online Backup account
  • Request for Password Hint
  • Request a Temporary Password
  • Update Your Billing information for QuickBooks Online Backup


Check QuickBooks Online Backup Errors and Unexpected Results if you are having issues with your Online Backup System.

Install and Set Up

Create or Restore Backup

Account Related

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