The instructions below address a typical configuration where Point of Sale is installed on a computer where sales are performed and QuickBooks is installed in another location on the network, such as a back office.

Detailed Instructions

  • Update all copies of both programs to the most current release.
  • Refer to your Windows documentation or consult a qualified computer technician if you need assistance in mapping network drives or setting a folder to share access as required in this procedure.

Set up Integration between Point of Sale and QuickBooks

  1. Ensure you have a copy of QuickBooks at both the front and back workstations.
    1. Install QuickBooks on both the back office and front register computer. The data file should be located on the back office workstation.
    2. Make sure you open the QuickBooks data file from the back office computer.
    3. Open the QuickBooks data file from the front register computer and open the data file over your network.
    4. Close QuickBooks on the back office computer.
  2. Integrate Point of Sale with the correct QuickBooks data file.
  3. Initiate a Financial Exchange.
    • In QuickBooks, choose File > Switch to Single user mode if it is available.
    • In Point of Sale, choose Financial > Update QuickBooks (for Version 3, click QuickBooks>Update)


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