Activate your intuit QuickBooks payments account for a supported versions of QuickBooks for Mac.


  • Except for downloading GoPayment transactions, all other add-ons and services (Billing Solutions, Terminal Download, Virtual Terminal Plus, Check Solutions for QuickBooks and Recurring Charges) are not compatible with QuickBooks for Mac.
  • You cannot process a credit card return within QuickBooks for Mac. However, you can void a credit card transaction immediately after it has been processed in QuickBooks for Mac.
  • You can download GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks for Mac only if available GoPayment processing is part of the same QuickBooks for Mac account. For more information, see Downloading GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks for Mac)






Detailed instructions

1. After you complete the instructions in the the approval email (see HOW16221), your payments account should be linked to the email address you used for your application.

2. Open the QuickBooks for Mac company file that you wish to link payments services to (only one company file can be linked to a payments account at a time).

3. Go to the Customers drop-down and select Add Credit Card Processing (Credit Card Processing Activities if this file has been previously linked). 

4. Select Link Merchant Account to Company File.



5. Click the Create Ticket button in the lower left corner of the Merchant Service window.


6. Log into this web page with the same credentials used in the approval email for this account (in step 1 above).


7. A window appears with the connection ticket information required for the following steps. If an active connection ticket appears, copy it so you can paste it in the next steps. If no active connection ticket appears, click on Create a Connection Ticket to generate a new one. 

NOTE: If you are using more than one computer, follow the same steps, but select Use Existing on all secondary computers. 

8. Close this window to return to the Merchant Service window. If necessary, repeat steps 3-4 to re-display the Merchant Service window.

9. An empty field then appears to the right of the Create Ticket button. Paste the connection ticket you copied earlier in this field.


10. Click Save. That's it! You're ready to start processing credit cards in QuickBooks for Mac!


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