A well designed and properly presented logo can help you establish the company's brand and personality. And… we just made using logo more exciting!

QuickBooks Online now lets you upload multiple logos so you can better and more easily represent your brand. Some of the benefits you can get from this update are:

  • Multiple logos: Ability to upload multiple logos
  • Template specific logos: Form templates such as Invoices, Estimates, and Sales Receipts can have a unique logo
  • Logo Gallery: You can have up to 10 logos in the logo gallery
  • Logo Size: You can upload logos up to 10MB

This article guides you through uploading, customizing, and troubleshooting logos used on your sales forms.

Reminders when uploading a logo in QuickBooks Online:

The logo is a .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpg, .jpe, or .jpeg file
File size is smaller than 10 MB
Have a bit depth (or color depth) of 24-bits or less
Uses the standard RGB color space (RGB)
The shape of the logo is square
The shape of the logo is rectangle

Add logo on sales forms

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top then Custom Form Styles.
  2. To upload a logo to a new template, select the New Style button and choose Invoice, Sales Receipt or Estimate.

    NOTE: If you are updating the logo on an existing template, locate the desired template and select Edit.

  3. From the Design tab, select Make logo edits.
  4. Select the + sign to open the Logo gallery.
  5. Select + then locate and open the file.
  6. Choose your desired logo then Save.

Customize how logo appears on sales forms

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Under Your Company section, choose Custom Form Styles.
  3. Find the form you wish to customize and select Edit in the Action column.
  4. Select Make logo edits.
  5. Choose your desired logo size and placement.
  6. Select Done.

Note that you can adjust the alignment (left, right, or middle) and size (small, medium or large) of your logo, but not the height and width since they are fixed.

Remove logo from sales forms

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Under Your Company section, choose Custom Form Styles.
  3. On the form you wish to customize, select Edit.
  4. Select Make logo edits, then Hide logo.
  5. Select Done.


  • Color depth and logo appearance: If your logo looks weird on your sales form, you can change its format from .jpg to .gif. Make sure to use Save as to create a new copy of the logo so you don't overwrite the original file. Also, make sure your logo meets the requirements.
  • Unable to upload a logo: If you have problems uploading a logo, make sure it meets all the requirements. If you are still unable to upload, open the logo with Paint (or Preview on Mac) and resave it as .jpg with a new file name.
  • The logo gallery supports the ability to upload multiple logos to QuickBooks Online, but only one logo can be added to each individual form template.

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