This article is part of our content on Setting up QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have purchased QuickBooks software, you can download and install it from our Downloads & Updates page.

Visit it now to get started.

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How do I use the Downloads & Updates page?

 Let us show you:


Or use these steps to select and download your product:

  1. Go to the Downloads & Updates page.
  2. Click on the [Change] link to choose your version and year.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Run the installer that downloads.
    Note: Make sure to have your  available.

That's it!


Is there anything else I need to get started?

When you install QuickBooks, you'll need to enter your license and product number.

Don't know them yet? Just sign in to your account and click on the software you're installing to see its license information.

Haven't purchased QuickBooks yet? Visit our product page.


What if I just need to update my software?

You can do that on the Downloads & Updates page as well by clicking Update instead of Download.

When you run this installer, it will update your existing software to the latest release instead of reinstalling the product. You won't need your license or product number to do this.


Why isn't my version of QuickBooks available on the Downloads & Updates page?

QuickBooks versions from too long ago are not available for download. Because we can't ensure that older software will still run on modern systems, we do not support or offer downloads for those products.