This article provides an overview of the Advanced Pricing and describes how to use Price Rules.

Advanced Pricing overview

Advanced Pricing is a new subscription-based feature available only to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise customers with a Full Service Plan (FSP). With Advanced Pricing, QuickBooks automatically changes the prices of items on sales forms according to rules you create. Each price rule can contain multiple conditions that must be met before QuickBooks Desktop changes the sales price. For example, if you want a specific group of customers (the first condition) to receive a discount, but only when they buy specific items (the second condition), set up a price rule with these two conditions. Conditions can be created based on customer, item, sales rep, date range and class.

Advanced Pricing also allows you to offer quantity discounts. For example, QuickBooks Desktop can charge different prices when a customer buys 10 to 19 items, 20 to 29 items, or 30 or more items.

Detailed instructions