Intuit uses multi-factor authentication across all of our products to protect your account and ensure only you have access to your data. As part of this verification, when you sign-in or when you make a change to your account information (such as email, password, user ID) you may be required to use a one-time confirmation code to complete the login process.

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about multi-factor authentication.

Why do I have to verify my account when signing in?

You can be assured that protecting your data and privacy is our #1 priority. You entrust us to protect sensitive data and we take that seriously. Our customers’ privacy and security is job one. Multi-factor authentication is a common security practice for financial services and sensitive web accessible products. In order to keep your account secure, this feature cannot be disabled.

We always recommend that customers take precautions to protect their identity. It is important that users not only create strong passwords, but more important is not using the same password for all your accounts.

Security is a shared responsibility. Even with multi-factor authentication in place, users can help fight fraud by trying to make sure to:

  • Do NOT use the same password for your Intuit products that you use for any other online product.
  • Use unique information-not basic information that can easily be found online.
  • When you receive email notifications, do NOT click on suspicious links. Instead, cut and paste the URL link directly into your browse

What options do I have to verify my account?

  • Phone - You can choose to receive your code via text message (Recommended Option)
  • Email - You can choose to receive your code via email. 

I checked my email and I didn’t receive the code, what should I do?

It can sometimes take a few moments for the code to arrive in your email box. Please wait several minutes. 

Be sure to check your bulk/junk/spam or clutter mail folder to see if the code went there, or you can also try to Set up common email accounts/domains to receive Intuit email communications.

If the code does not arrive, click the Didn’t receive a code link in the Check your email window to generate another code. 

IMPORTANT: once you generate a new code, any prior code will expire. It is important that you use the most recent confirmation code in the Check your email window.

My code doesn’t work, what should I do?

If you have typed the exact code that was sent and it doesn’t work, this is most likely because you have generated multiple codes and are not using the most recent one.

Each code is intended to be used only once. Your code will expire after it's been used, if you requested a new one, left your browser window, or after 1 hour.

Please click Didn’t receive a code, then wait until the new code arrives. This may take several minutes. Use the most recent code sent to you. 

NOTE: Some email platforms append emails from the same sender, so your latest code may display as a response or reply to one of the earlier codes.

For help or more information about your account verification, please contact us here: